The Cottage

Tebesaya cottages designed with a blend of modern and Balinese design using natural stone, wood with the craft of painting and sculpture. Mr. Ketut Sudarsa the owner, was born in artists family, it has influenced him and his brother lifestyle in loving art and culture. Tebesaya Cottage is built next to his house and the gallery, represents his art talent and years of experience of the hospitality industry.

I Wayan Grudug his grandfather was one of the artist painter in Tebesaya Village to gather with Ida Bagus Made Poleng and also a member of Pitamaha. His beloved Father I Wayan Durus continue art generation in the family, which is consistent to preserve Tebesaya painting style. Now Mr. Ketut Sudarsa consistent in preserving Tebesaya Painting by collecting them and displayed in Tebesaya Art Gallery which is located beside the house. Some collections are proudly displayed throughout the cottage for guests to enjoy or event to purchase if interested.

Managed by Pramana Experience with service concept is 'Welcome To My Home' everyone are welcomed as a family and friend come home. Pramana Hospitality Management committed to deliver the genuine of Balinese 'TAT WAM ASI', present a hearty work that creates peaceful atmosphere, to treat everyone like we would like to be treated. Employee qualified locals as priority and accommodating the locals arts talent and hotel supplier is part of Pramana Management social responsibility to empower the community for a mutual and sustainable tourism