Tebesaya Gallery

Open since 2003

Tebesaya village is the centre of Ubud arts paintings known as Tebesaya style Painting. In this village was born dozens of painting maestro i.e. I Wayan Gerudug, I Wayan Durus, Ida Bagus Made Poleng, I Wayan Turun, I Wayan Djudjul. I Ketut Sepi, Ida Bagus Sena, I Wayan Sudana, I Ketut Ginarsa etc

Ketut Sudarsa is the owner of Tebesaya Gallery is the grand son of I Wayan Gerudug which was also the member of Pitamaha group led by Rudolf Bonnet. Was born in painter artist family Ketut Sudarsa has learned paintings from his grand father and his father I Wayan Durus. His grand father told him the Mahabaratta and Ramayana epic story that was become the theme of their paintings.Their Paintings has collected by domestic and foreign paintings collector included the first Indonesian president Ir. Soekarno.

Ketut Sudarsa dedicated his art desire by collecting the valued painting from the maestros and displayed on his Gallery next to his house and cottages in Tebesaya village. He also collect some modern painting from selected famous painting artist, with commitment to present only good quality painting to his gallery visitor.

Artist: I Wayan Gerudug, I Wayan Durus, I Wayan Djudjul, I Wayan Sadia, I Wayan Matra, I Wayan Sudana, I Gusti Agung Galuh, I Gusti Agung Kepakisan, I Dewa Nyoman Jati, I Wayan Gelgel, I Wayan Kayun, I Ketut Kasta, I Wayan Sadra, I Wayan Manggih, Agung Dewi Monalisa, I Wayan Ward ita, Dewa Sugi, I Gusti Made Kuanji, Krijono, I Made Suruta, Sutupo, I Wayan Suparta, I Nyoman Marsa, I Made Wiradana, I Made Duatmika, Munadi, R. Mukahar, Antok(Budi Susanta) Komang Muliarta.